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Wrighteous Entertainment website

Wrighteous Entertainment needed a web presence to serve as a hub for all the clients they represent i a way that was easy to digest and eye catching. This site has large headers for every page, profile cards for clients, links to social media, Facebook like box, Instagram feed, multiple photo galleries, contact form and

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Who is Korey Heyer video series

Part 1 https://vimeo.com/28637663 Part 2 https://vimeo.com/28697428 Part 3 https://vimeo.com/28695173 Korey Heyer and All Terrain music was looking to do some promo videos to give to media publishers and potential investors. I was able to record footage with Korey Heyer while he was in Charlotte, NC shooting his first music video. I was able to compile

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Doctor’s Office Skit video

https://vimeo.com/29708384 This scene was part of an Easter service that involved different presentations including dancing, miming, singing, and live drama. This was recorded by myself and one other camera op. I edited the audio and video. Even though there wasn't sufficient lighting, we were still able to pulled off a solid shoot.

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What I Do For God video

https://youtu.be/vs2wtPGknz8 The Youth Department at Christian Provision Ministries wanted to highlight two athletes from the church and the different ministries in the church as well. The vision was to have a kind of highlight reel of the two athletes and then have a highlight reel of the church ministries. I edited the audio so I

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