Tool Box


Sire Screen Printing

These guys are great. This is the company I use for any kind of silk screen printing for t-shirts. They are a local company but do work for big companies like Roc Nation and Cree.


This company is great for doing email list and email marketing.

Aff Playbook

This is a forum with a lot of information about internet marketing. I get a lot of good info on SEO and how to make money on line from here.


Website hosting and domain name register. I use this company for domain names. The first year is $0.99.

Blue Host

Web hosting and domain name register. I use this company for web hosting.
I can also provide hosting for you so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.


A web tool to help manage your WordPress sites. It also does backs ups which is very helpful.


This is a great social media tool for scheduling post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. A great way to be social but not always tied to your computer or phone.


Investor Carrot

This is a Real Estate lead generating website. It does the SEO for you as well.


This is a great tool for sending messages straight to voicemail. You can record the message and blast it out to a list of numbers.