Chedda Chapp is a Hip Hop artist that needed a web presence that his fans and prospecting investors can hear his music and watch his music videos. He wanted a more graphical look.

This website is built on a CMS platform called Joomla. It has a slideshow on the home page advertising his music and music videos. There is an Instagram feed from Chedda Chapp’s account thats displayed on the left under the menu. There is a Twitter feed which displays the 4 latest tweets from Chedda Chapp’s Twitter account. Twitter buttons were added to post articles in the website to Twitter feed from visitors. Facebook like buttons are also added so visitors can like website articles and show them on the visitors Facebook page. A Soundcloud player was embedded into the music page for visitors to stream and download music without leaving the website. A photo gallery was added for Chedda Chapp’s Pic’s page. There is a search option so visitors may search for information on the website. A contact form was placed on the contact page. A blog page was set up for the events section to show flyers of Chedda Chapp’s shows.