Henry Moore III

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Let’s connect. I work in the areas of marketing, media, live event production, trucking and real estate. 

01. Foundation

I’m creative and technical. I have always been curious and loved to learn. This has allowed me to learn things quickly and apply them. From teaching myself how to install radios and monitors in cars to teaching myself how to install and run studio equipment in my freshman year of high school. I also have a gift to break things down to make complex things easy to understand. I use this to teach others as I learn.

02. Strong Values

I pride myself on doing good business and keeping my word. I believe in win-win situations. 

03. solid work ethic

Create the vision, create a plan, build a process and get things done. Things may not always go as we want to but we reach the goal.

04. Passion

All projects that I am involved in has to peak my curiosity in solving a problem,  helping someone in need or pushing a standard in some way.

MY Latest Projects

Raleigh Mini Tours

We visit different parts of the Triangle and bring them to you 60 seconds at a time. Producer, Creator and Host

How To Mogul

I do how-to videos showing you how to do more in video editing, real estate, and other things tech. Producer, Creator and Host

Real Estate

I help people out of problem properties and connect real estate professionals together.

AV Production

Serve as a Technical Director, Show Producer and many other positions of AV production.

Owner of transportation and freight hauling company.


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