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Mixing it Up: The Dynamic World of Live Church Audio Production

This weekend marked another exciting chapter in my journey as an AV technician – a live audio mixing session at a church event. Unlike the structured ambiance of corporate events, this was a vibrant and dynamic setting.

The Vibrant Setup

The church event featured a full band with drums, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, a real piano, saxophone, and even a flute. The energy was great, and the praise team’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal.

The Technical Challenge

My role for this gig was managing the house feed, three monitor mixes, and a live stream feed. The twist? There was no time for mic checks. I had to adjust the gain structure on the fly on a digital console I only used once before, an Allen & Heath GLD 80. It was a testament to the agility and adaptability required in live event production. Especially in live sound production while working with digital consoles.

Experiencing the Joy of Live Mixing

What truly sets apart events like these is the sheer joy of being part of something so lively and spirited. For me, it’s just a great vibe. It’s like I’m almost part of the band or a member of the choir when I’m blending and mixing. Once the major technical things are handled, I’m really having a lot of fun.

Community and Connection

It wasn’t just about the equipment and the music. I had the opportunity to meet and work alongside some fantastic volunteers managing the church’s live stream and graphics. The sense of community and teamwork was truly inspiring. I was able to pass some information to the young engineer who was learning and wanted to get into the business of corporate AV.


As AV professionals, our workdays are incredibly diverse. One day, we’re in a corporate setting with its own demands, and the next, we’re mixing for an energetic church band, each event offering its unique set of challenges and adventures.


Every event is not just a job; it’s an adventure, a learning experience, and an opportunity to connect with others. It’s these experiences that keep the passion for AV tech burning bright.


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