Real Estate Kickstart Training

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Learn what you need to know to get started in the real estate business from terms to concepts.

What we do

Simple Home Buys is a Real Estate Investing Firm based in Raleigh. What we do is buy property at a discount by finding sellers in distress situations and sell to a pool of buyers who can close quickly by paying with cash. The area we target is the Raleigh/ Durham area and surrounding cities. We also work in cities further out for targeted campaigns.

Simple Home Buys is owed and founded by Henry Moore. We believe in hard work, creating win-win situation and strive to build communities we work in.


These three sections will help guide you through doing the task you are ask to do.

Contacting Sellers

Methods and processes for contacting sellers

Contact Buyers

Methods and processes for contacting buyers


Systems and tools used in the company